2 Easy Ways to Attune Yourself to Angel Energy

Attune your Energy to the AngelsWhen a person wants to begin seeing, hearing, or sensing Angels, they may need to go through an upward shift in their energy vibration.  

Out of all the spiritual helpers that we can work with, the Angels have a very high and gentle energy that’s easier to notice when your own vibration is high.

Here are two easy ways to begin attuning yourself to Angelic energy:

  1. Gaze at Angel Art: Visit the Angel Board below that’s filled with beautiful visionary Angel art. I created this board specifically for the purpose helping people attune to the Angels.

Follow Jen Dundee, Angel Psychic’s board Attune to the Angels on Pinterest. 

Gaze at the images you feel drawn to and say, “God, thank you for attuning me to the energy of Angels.”  

Angel Art is created in partnership with the Angels and it radiates their energy. You can even receive energy and healing from this artwork.

2.  Another quick way to begin attuning to the angelic realms is to repeat this Angel Remedy:

Angels, a raised vibration is what I desire. Shift my energy so that I vibrate higher. Teach me to hold this new vibration; let it become my energetic foundation.

The Angels helped me create this remedy during a time when I was working on raising my own vibration. You can repeat this at any time, and when you do this at bedtime, the angels will work with your energy while you sleep.

 Angels to You!


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