2 New Angel Centers in the UK

2 New Angel Centers in the UK

Two more Angel Centers are being built in the United Kingdom.  One is in London, England and one is in Dublin, Ireland.

These two locations were chosen because of their current population, which includes many incarnated angels.

Incarnated angels are angelic beings who have incarnated as Humans in the physical World.

Many incarnated angels know who they are, and many do not.

The incarnated angels in these two locations are all being awakened – meaning that they’re being “tapped on the spiritual shoulder” and reminded who they are.

When incarnated angels gather or live in the same location, it increases the Angelic Frequency in that location significantly.

An “Angelic Frequency” means the amount of Angel-Energy.

Angel-Energy is unique in that it carries these vibrations:

  • Faith
  • Foresight
  • Gentleness
  • Gifts
  • Healing
  • Insights
  • Love
  • Psychic Awareness

London has always carried a high amount of Angel-Energy, and Dublin has recently increased in this area.

London has always had a larger-than-life auric field that surrounds it – similar to New York City, whereas Dublin’s auric field has been smaller in size.

London’s auric field is filled with thousands of symbols, as are the auric fields of most busy cities. 

Dublin’s aura carries fewer symbols and the Angels are choosing to keep it this way.

Auric Symbols are in almost everyone’s aura – Humans, trees, plants, animals, and cities.

And one of my current projects is to document all the auric symbols that I see.

One symbol that I see in Dublin’s aura is this:



This is an auric symbol that’s been in place for thousands of years, even before Dublin was an official city.

What’s cool about this symbol is that it emits a high spiritual frequency and is one of the reasons that Dublin was chosen to be an Angel Center.

A “high spiritual frequency” means that this location can grow and spiritually develop more rapidly than other locations.

I’m aware of a few of other locations on the Planet that also carry a similar high spiritual frequency:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Amsterdam
  • Denmark

Dublin will be receiving new auric symbols soon, as the new Angel Center is built-out in that location.

London also has this unique symbol in its auric field with these colors:



This symbol exists in one other location - Mt. Shasta, California.

This symbol holds the vibrations of:

  • Ascension
  • Energy
  • Gifts
  • Healing
  • Health
  • Insights
  • Longevity
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Psychic Ability
  • Soul Awakening
  • Spiritual Communication
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Spirituality

This symbol also carries a “radiance”, which means it radiates high amounts of light.

If you were to see it in its true form, the pink-heart would be radiating lines of soft-pink light.

Most auric symbols do not carry a radiance, so this one was specifically built to do so.

I believe that this symbol was placed into London’s and Mt. Shasta’s aura around 1999.

This symbol is also another reason that London was chosen to become an Angel Center.

Symbols that carry radiance emit enough light to help sustain the Angelic Grids that are placed around Angel Centers.

I’m told that the building of these 2 new centers is almost complete and people living in these cities can start sensing-into the new energies flowing through their cities.

Next up:  Australia!  I’ll post again when I get the update on the Angel Center being built in Australia.