3 Ways to Engage in Planetary Healing

3 Ways to Engage in Planetary Healing

Planetary healing is a term that means healing the Earth and everyone that lives on it.  There are several different ways for anyone, at any level of skill, to engage in Planetary healing.


The first way is through prayer.  Prayer allows God to enter through the “free will” gates to help us or whomever we prayer for.

Thought Projection

The second way is through thought projection.  This means projecting your good, positive, loving, and healing thoughts to a person, group, animal, or location.  Thought projection is very effective as many people have very strong thought-energy that can travel far distances.

Energy Sharing

The third way is through energy sharing.  This is when you send your energy to the people, animals, or place that needs healing.  Energy sharing is only recommended for those that are in good health because it depletes your energy.  If you’re not in good health, you want to keep all your own energy to heal yourself.

You can energy-share through using your mind to direct your energy to your recipient.  Imagine a flow of energy leaving you and going into them.  If you ever feel fatigued after energy-sharing, I recommend using one of the other Planetary healing methods listed above.