6 Ways to Spiritual-Vibe Your Life

6 Ways to Spiritual-Vibe Your Life

Spiritual-Vibing your life means bringing your spiritual beliefs and knowledge into daily practice.

For instance, if you believe that being kind is spiritual, then you’ll want to focus on being kind as you go through your day – even in frustrating situations, such as traffic and long lines.

If you believe that speaking positive words is spiritual, then you’ll want to focus on the words that you choose today.

Here are 6 ways to spiritual-vibe your life:

  • Express your spiritual beliefs freely
  • Focus on what you believe is spiritual and good
  • Have at least one spiritual practice that you engage in daily
  • Bring your Spiritual Partners into your daily life
  • Know that living spiritually can change your life
  • Know that living spiritually invites others to do the same

Let’s talk more about a few of these points.

Express Your Spiritual Beliefs Freely

Expressing your spiritual beliefs is one way of speaking your truth. 

When you do this, you are giving others permission to do the same.

Your spirituality is what makes you a “Spiritual Person”, and much of the World is trying to find this within themselves.

Focus on What You Believe is Spiritual and Good

There are many elements in this World that are both spiritual and good.

When you bring these into your life, they support living a spiritual life.

Some examples are:

  • Appreciating nature and bringing it into your home in the form of plants or flowers
  • Appreciating animals and bringing them into your life as companions or pets.
  • Appreciating the many different color-vibrations and bringing them into your life as clothing, wall décor, or hobbies.
  • Appreciating the many different landscapes that this World offers in the form of photographs or travel.
  • Appreciating the spiritual vibrations of both sunlight and moonlight – sunlight offers the vibrations of peace, life, and health; while moonlight offers the vibrations of intuition, peace, and rest.

Have at Least One Spiritual Practice that You Engage in Daily

Some examples are: Prayer, meditation, energy work, psychic work, spiritual communication, emotional healing, random acts of kindness, sending light, sending love, etc.

Bring Your Spiritual Partners into Your Daily Life

Spiritual Partners are those benevolent spiritual beings that we work with to improve the quality of our lives.  My main spiritual partners are God and the Angelic Realms.

Bringing your Spiritual Partners into your daily life means asking them to be a part of your day.

You can ask them to:

  • Say, “Hello” to you throughout your day, as a reminder of your spirituality
  • Ask them to guide you throughout your day
  • Ask them to guide you to the right people and places

These are a few ways that you can spiritual-vibe your life.  And when you do them consistently, you may notice that you begin to change, and the experiences and people that you attract also begin to change.

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