This symbol was given to me by one of my guides.  You can print it out, put it in the underside of your pillow case, and sleep on it to receive the benefits.  This symbol works for you when you lay or sit on top of it in some way and one of the easiest methods is to use it at night while sleeping.

You can also put the print out in a sheet protector before putting it in your pillow case, which helps the paper to not fold as you move around at night.

Click here to get the printable version.

If you have a way to test the current openness of your heart, you can use before and after testing to notice how this symbol helps your heart to expand.

This symbols helps with:

  • Opening your heart (your soul) which is inside of your 4th chakra
  • Opening to living life
  • Helps bring you into alignment with your life purpose

How it works:

Large Spiral

The large spiral holds the energy of traveling and journeying through life.

Two Center Crossing Lines

The two center crossing lines hold the energy of the body and spirit connecting.


The heart holds the energy of life-love.


The sun holds the energy of action which helps with living life.

Small Spiral

The small spiral represents the spinning movement of your heart chakra.


The wave holds the energy of moving feelings along, so you don’t get stuck.

Wavy Circle

The wavy circle creates an outward radiance of these energies.

Large Circle

The large circle holds the energy of completion, as if to say, “And so it is.”