A Message from Mary

A Message from Mary


     I am Mary, you may know me as “Mother Mary”.  I come to many in times of need.

The Earth is changing fast and many are sensing this.

I receive calls from many, each day, asking, “What is taking place?”

I would like to use this message to respond:

Your World is one of many on Earth.  And your World is one of the most well-known World’s on the Planet.

Your World, called The Physical World, is known for being a place of adventure.

And many have incarnated here simply to be a part of “The Adventure”. 

This adventure is also known as an “Ascension into Light”.  An “Ascension into Light” is a journey that a soul can chose to take at any time during their incarnation.

The Ascension into Light is different than the personal ascension that many are experiencing now.

The personal ascension is individual and based on the needs of each individual soul.

The Ascension into Light is the same for each person that agrees to try it.

I use the word “try” because many begin and then choose to stop.

This is because it is not easy to do from a physical body and is considered an “advanced” incarnation experience.

The Ascension into Light entails reaching as high as you can into your own consciousness and bringing the highest level of your consciousness into your physical body and mind.

The journey into light can take several years, and the average time to complete it is 3 years.

This journey allows you to receive many new abilities and gifts while incarnated that you would normally not have access to.

In fact, the main reason that souls incarnate is to develop their existing abilities and to also find new ones.

Many of you have asked, “What are my abilities?” and I can tell you that you have many.

Your abilities are based on who you have been in your prior incarnations, and what you did during those lifetimes.

Earth is known for its high amount of incarnated souls with advanced abilities.  And many of you reading this are the souls that I am speaking of.

“Abilities” can be advanced skills within any field of study, such as:

  • Spiritual
  • Academic
  • Teaching
  • Caregiving
  • Health
  • Guiding
  • Technology
  • Science
  • And many more areas of study

You have most likely developed several advanced-level abilities in one or more of these fields of study.

At this time, the ratio of lightness-to-darkness is shifting more towards the light. 

And this is causing many to develop new abilities.

You can tell when you’ve developed a new ability by noticing these experiences:

  • Something that was once hard, now feels easy
  • Something that was once confusing, now makes sense
  • You feel as though you’ve learned something new, without trying
  • You no longer feel “blocked” in a certain area of life

Take a moment to notice in which area of your life, the above experiences are happening.  This indicates an area of your life that easily holds light.

The areas that hold light are easily distinguishable from those areas that do not.

It’s good to place your attention on the areas of your life that are not holding light and imagine that they do hold light.

You can do this by following these easy steps:

  1. Think of an area of life where you feel stuck
  2. Imagine that this area of your life is now filled with light
  3. See yourself succeeding in this area of life

Good.  Now you know how bring more light into your life.”

*Oracle card image is from the Keepers of the Light Oracle deck by Kyle Gray