Angel Magic for Romantic Relationships

Angel Magic for Romantic RelationshipsDoes your relationship need a boost? Are you single and seeking a new romance? Then it’s time to call on the angels!

The angels are celestial beings that offer us guidance and support with just about anything you can imagine. They know that a happy relationship makes our heart sing and they want to help us get there.

When you partner with angels for relationship support, be prepared for clarity and inspired ideas. They will help you repair a misunderstanding, bring clarity to a relationship, or help you find a new romance that’s just right for you!

Here are two great angel remedies for relationships. All you need to do is mentally or verbally repeat these words:

For an Existing Relationship:
“Angels, thank you for repairing my relationship with _______. Thank you for purifying the energy, words, and feelings in between us so that we may see each other with clarity. Please shower our relationship with blessings of love.”

To Call In a New Relationship:
“Angels, thank you for cleansing my heart, so that I am ready for a new romantic relationship. Thank you for boosting my confidence and intuition so that I magnetize the best partner into my life. Please place me in the right locations to meet my new partner.”

Next, pay attention to any thoughts, ideas, books, websites, people, or radio songs that catch your attention. The angels will give you guidance in many different and repetitive ways.