Angel Message on Finding Happiness

Angel Message on Finding Happiness

“Dear Friends, we are so pleased to be speaking with you today.

We hear your hearts calling for greater happiness and enjoyment of day-to-day life.

We understand that you have many obligations in your daily and weekly lives.

And we wish to help lighten the heaviness that can be experienced from this.

From our perspective, in the Angelic Realms, an obligation is a part of your life that you must attend to.

It is the experience of tending to yourself or another.

When we look into your lives, we sense that many are carrying obligations that are actually a chosen pursuit.

And overtime, these pursuits have become burdensome.

Happiness is a feeling of lightness of heart and mind.  It is the opposite of feeling burdened.

And Happiness can be achieved through letting go of burdens, one-at-a-time.

When you choose to let go of a burden, many parts of your body, mind, and energy begin to shift.

  • Your body feels lighter
  • Your mind becomes more fluid
  • Your energy expands

These are all components of feeling happy.

We hope that our words will speak to your hearts, minds, and bodies.

Happiness is part of your life – it always has been.

And putting your attention on reclaiming it, starts the process of finding happiness.”

The Angelic Realms