Angel Signs at the Vet’s Office

angel signsI dropped my dog off at the veterinarian this morning for some yearly services.  Like most dogs, my dog absolutely dislikes going to the vet.  So, I always say lots of prayers and invoke many angels to be with him on the day of his vet visit.

I prayed the night before, the morning of, and also as we were walking into the vet clinic.

I walked up to the counter and began filling out their intake forms.  A man holding a small dog came up next to me to drop off his dog.

The vet tech looked at him and said, “Sir, would you like us to take Angel from you?”  As soon as I heard the word “Angel” I looked up.

I knew this was a “Hello” from my own angels, letting me know that they had heard my prayers and were with my dog.

When I returned to the vet clinic almost 10 hours later, there was customer standing at the counter waiting to pick up her dog.  And guess what her dog’s name was – Angel.

Hearing or seeing the word Angel after you’ve prayed or been talking to your angels is a common angel sign.