Angel Worlds

Angel Worlds

Throughout our Universe there are many angel worlds. These are worlds comprised of only angels and sometimes only one specific type of angel.

Angel worlds are created so that the many varieties of angels can develop new skills needed to support many areas of the Universe that they may eventually be assigned to.

You can visit these angel worlds from afar, taking a visual tour that offers glimpses of how these worlds work, yet only those assigned to the angel worlds are allowed entry and this is to keep an energetically clean and un-interfered with environment.

The Seraphim World

One of the most popular angel worlds is the Seraphim world.  This angel world is Universally known and visited frequently. 

The Seraphims are a type of angel that are created to engage in high level development work that creates solutions for many other locations in the Universe. 

The popular Seraphim world is like an incubator for the Seraphim’s ideas and new developments that they’re working on.

Many Seraphims are also assigned to Earth and are incarnated in Human form doing similar development work here.

The Cherubim World

Another popular angel world is the Cherubim world.  Cherubims are a type of angel created to guide others through childhood.  They’re very patient, loving, and gentle in their expressions and are often assigned to civilizations that have a high number of children.

The Cherubim world is prized for its kind and loving atmosphere that can be felt even when viewing it from the outside boundaries of the world.

On this world, the Cherubims learn about the children that are part of the many thousands of civilizations in our Universe.

There are Cherubims on Earth, yet they’re not assigned here in support roles (such as being on your spiritual team), instead they’re incarnated in Human form.  The Cherubims incarnated here are here to learn more about Humanity and Human behavior.

Angels are Universal Beings

Angels are Universal beings that live all throughout our Universe and there are many angels currently assigned to Earth.   

There are around 3 million angels in support positions, such as being on your spiritual team, and around 1.5 million angels incarnated in Human form.