Archangel Ariel’s Message for Animal Lovers

Archangel Ariel’s Message for Animal Lovers

“Dear friends,

   I call upon animal lovers to help me in my current mission with the animals of Earth.

The animals of Earth have called on me and requested that you be aware of a great shift that is occurring within the Animal Kingdom: A rebirth.

At this time, everyone on the planet is undergoing a rebirth from within their physical body, and the animals want to ensure that you know they too are going through the same shift from within their physical bodies.

This rebirth is something that has never occurred on the physical level of Earth before.

On the soul level, rebirths do occur regularly, yet we have never seen this unfold on the physical level before.

This rebirth is not something that anyone has set into motion.

It is believed that this rebirth is part of the Earth’s journey into awareness, and all who happen to live on the Earth, at this time, are now undergoing a rebirth.

We Archangels believe that those who live-with or care-for animals will need to be aware of certain behaviors that can indicate symptoms of the rebirth, rather than a need for medical attention. 

Please be on the lookout for these behaviors

  • Fussiness
  • Worrying
  • A need for greater attention
  • More sleep than usual
  • Not wanting to be alone
  • Not wanting to sleep alone

We believe that if you care for your animals, keeping in mind that they too are going through great inner changes, all will be well.”

From Jen:  I’ll be relaying messages from the Archangels about the rebirth and how it relates to people (us), in this Saturday’s online gathering (11.10.18): Messages and Update From the Archangels