Archangel Michael Remedy for Breaking Free & Making Change

Archangel Michael Remedy for Breaking Free & Making ChangeOver the years, I noticed that Archangel Michael is one of the best angels to work with when trying to make change in our lives.

Usually when we feel stuck and unable to make change, the root of the problem is fear; fear that we won’t be successful, fear that we won’t be supported, or the fear that too many things will change all at once.

I’ve found that behind the experience of fear is a type of buried treasure. This buried treasure has been hard to see because it’s been covered by layers of fear-based beliefs. And this treasure is often the answer to your prayers; it’s the support, freedom, and success that you’ve been looking for.

You can work with Michael to uncover this treasure. Here’s an Archangel Michael remedy for Breaking Free & Making Change. Repeat this remedy whenever it feels good to do so. You can say it mentally or out loud:

“Archangel Michael, I would like to [insert the thing that you need help changing]. Please disconnect me from all forms of fear and all people, places, and things that are hindering my progress.

Thank you for strengthening my connection with God and my Higher Self, for I know that these energies support me. Please shower me with motivation, so that I can easily take action.

Thank you for guiding me daily through this change.”