Archangel Michael’s Messages to Lightworkers

[frame][/frame]“Lightworker rejoice!  Your time for action is nearing and your minds are growing stronger with excitement and knowledge.  There are many of you that seek to know more about your mission.  I am here to allay any concerns that your mission will somehow change your life in a scary or concerning way.  This is not true.  Please release those fears and allow the true light of your mission to flow into you.  Don’t allow fear to stand in-between you and your excitement for your new job.

You know now that you are a lightworker, yes?  And there will times when you’ll be called upon to step up your actions, thoughts, and intentions.  This is will not be constant.  It will be as needed.

Some will know that life changes are coming; others will understand that life changes are not yet necessary, yet in the future they will come.  How many of you are feeling this?  How many of you know the truth of your inner guidance?

Lightworkers, please find each other and grow together in your happiness.  Your happiness is a gift to the planet.  Your insights are a gift to the planet.  There are many others like you in this world; connect and be connected with one another. Do not feel that you are alone.  No lightworker is alone.  Those that feel alone have taken missions that have not included being surrounded by other lightworkers.  If you feel like it is time for this to change, then simply request this change.  Many missions are ending and new ones are beginning.  We think easier times are ahead as the energies become higher and more to your liking.”


Within the angelic realms, Archangel Michael is a leader and guide for lightworkers.  In this year (2012), many lightworkers are starting their assignments.  These lightworkers come from all generations and thousands of lightworkers from generation X are being “activated.”

This morning he expressed that the way you become a lightworker is through your love for helping others.  Technically speaking, a lightworker is someone that is actively involved in a lightwork mission.  He said that many people are wondering, “Am I a lightworker, and if so, what am I supposed to do?”

The first step is to connect with your mission or to request one.  Michael says:

“At night before you go to bed, ask your angels to take you [while you’re sleeping] to the lightworker’s lecture area and this is where you’ll find a group of lightworkers that we coach and have discussions with nightly.  These are Lightworkers that are activity involved in their mission.  Here we can discuss with you the possible assignments, the length of the assignment, and your interests so that everything is well-matched.

We want you to enjoy your mission; we want you to feel like it’s a normal part of your life, not a departure from your life.  Your talents will shine even greater when you start your mission.  This happens for all lightworkers, it’s a compliment and a thank-you from the spiritual realms of light that smile as you move forward with your work.”

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