Colorado’s Highest Vibrational Location

Colorado’s Highest Vibrational Location

Colorado’s Highest Vibrational Location is Crestone, CO.

Here’s Crestone’s Energy Profile:

Crestone is currently a 10th dimensional city.  This means that the energy and “mind” of the city operates from the 10th dimension, which is extremely high and unique when compared to most cities.  Most cities operate from the 3rd through 7th dimensions.

Crestone carries these 6 vibrations:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Spiritual Upliftment
  • Enlightenment
  • Global Consciousness
  • Spiritual Contact


Crestone’s Aura is large and welcoming, yet finely tuned and it does not shift to accommodate visitors.  Instead, it tries to help your energy shift into a higher vibration to experience what this location has to offer spiritually and energetically.

The Spiritual Beings of Crestone, CO

There are several very large and tall beings that will greet your spirit when you first enter the city.  They will communicate with your sprit to understand why you have come to visit and offer assistance.

Portals: Doorways to Other Dimensions

Crestone has 6 portals whose energies encompass the entire city, so you don’t have to be in the exact location of the portal to benefit from it.

**Important**:  These are one-way portals from higher dimensions into this dimension.  The portals are not meant for us to go through or attempt to alter.

10th Dimensional Reincarnation Portal
A reincarnation portal allows for beings to quickly enter our dimension for incarnation without going through normal birth process.  This is where a soul can basically walk right through this portal and into our physical world as say, a 34-year-old man, and then go about their business in this dimension. There are only two 10th dimensional reincarnation portals in the United States, one is in Crestone and the other is in Mount Shasta, California.

9th Dimensional Abundance Portal

Through this portal abundance is distributed to the residents and visitors of this town. People sometimes go to Crestone simply to fuel-up on this abundance energy.

8th Dimensional Higher Self Connection Portal
This portal distributes an uplifting energy that helps you connect with your higher self

8th Dimensional Magic Portal
This portal allows for magic to come through into the third dimension and it’s recommended that when you’re visiting Crestone you call on this portal for extra help with your magical work.

7th Dimensional Future Visions Portal
This portal releases an energy that helps with having visions of the future.

6th Dimensional Clairvoyance Portal
This portal releases an energy which helps you experience clairvoyance.

Here’s an good video about the history of Crestone, CO that I found on YouTube: