Communicating with Angels

Communicating with Angels

Communicating with angels is a skill that anyone can develop.  Your angels are constantly with you and have already developed their own unique way of getting messages to you.  You can also do the same – develop your own unique way of communicating with them.

Angels have many different channels of communication that they use.  They can operate on all of the different psychic channels plus many higher channels of communication that are used by your higher self.

Angels are messengers and one of their first jobs with you is to find the best ways to get messages to you.  Sometimes they will use other people, signs, objects, songs and many, many other elements.

The most direct way of communicating with your angels is through your psychic senses.  These are the senses of your soul, they’re the communication channels that your soul uses to talk to other people, animals, and spiritual beings.

At times, these psychic channels of communication can become cluttered, blocked, or broken.  And if one channel is impaired, it can affect the rest.

You can repair your psychic channels and remove any blocks in-between you and your angels with a healing treatment.  I have a special treatment just for boosting your communication with your angels and you can read more about it here.