Courage: A Message for Lightworkers from Archangel Michael

Dearest Lightworkers, now is the time to step forward with your gifts and talents.  There is no need to hide.  If you hide, those you are here to help may not be able to find you [Michael smiles].  If you hide, you may not be able to deliver the messages, healing, and light that you’ ve come here to do.

Your gifts are not as strange as you think and if you speak to others you will find that other Lightworkers are around you – much closer than you ever thought.  Lightworkers are never alone, you will always find at least one other Lightworker in the vicinity of your day-to-day life.

Now is the time for Lightworkers to draw on their courage and speak to others about their desires and dreams.  Do not spend your life hiding what you came here to do.  You are much safer than you realize.

On Courage & Grace

Michael brought to my attention that the word “Courage” also carries the word “Grace” inside of it.

Looking in the dictionary, I found that Grace means generosity of spirit and the ability to forgive others.  Courage means the ability to face uncertainty without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action.

The first four letters of the word courage are COUR, which is a Latin word meaning, “of the heart”.   The connection between these words is that they are qualities that both come from your heart.  When you radiate your own courage you also begin to radiate your own grace.  When you radiate Grace it’s easier for others to accept your path.

Use this message to call forward your courage, take a step forward, and know that there’s a huge community of Lightworkers cheering you on.