Dates for the Next 5 Higher Dimensional Healings

Dates for the Next 5 Higher Dimensional Healings

The Dates

The Higher Dimensional Healings will take place on these dates:

  • 4-4-22
  • 5-5-22
  • 6-6-22
  • 7-7-22
  • 8-8-22


Some suggestions on how to enjoy these energy events:

Personal Meditation

During the 24-hour period of the event, spend 30-Minutes in personal meditation, receiving light and energy.

Video Chat

Create an online video chat of others who want to meditate and share what they’re experiencing during the energy event.

Local Gatherings

Create a local gathering of people who want to meditate together and share their experiences.

Social Media

Create groups on social media of those who want to share their experiences with these energy events.

Monthly Details

Each month, about 1-week before the event, I’ll post on my blog and newsletter about the details of what that month’s healing will focus on; however, you can still receive all the benefits of the Higher Dimensional Healings without knowing any of the monthly details.

Best Wishes 🌷