Emitting Your Love Frequency

Emitting Your Love Frequency

We each carry a frequency of love that’s specific to us. Our natural love frequency can emit from our heart chakra and our crown chakra.

When you want more love in your life, you can amplify your love frequency so that others can sense your desire to receive love. And the others that perceive this often feel it as an invitation to come into your life.

Here are a few steps that will help you radiate your love frequency:

Step One: Receive a Love Aura

The first step is to ask Archangel Michael to give you a love aura.  Mentally say:

“Archangel Michael, please place a love aura within me.”

Within 24 hours, Michael will place a love aura within your auric field.

A love aura is when Heaven or the Angels place a layer of love within your auric field.
This new layer of energy outwardly emits a strong frequency of love which starts a process of attracting love in all its forms.

Step Two: Imagine Love, Emit Love

This energy exercise activates the love energy in your heart chakra and causes it to awaken and release. 

  1. Take a moment and vividly imagine the type of love you want.
  2. Next, visualize your heart chakra opening wide like a blossoming flower, preparing to send your love frequency.
  3. Most people’s love frequencies are shades of pink, soft blue, or white. What color do you think yours is?
  4. With your heart chakra open wide, visualize your love frequency emitting 4 feet out from your heart chakra. (The 4 feet measurement ensures it radiates outside the boundary of your aura.)

A benefit of doing this exercise regularly is that your love frequency begins to emit all on its own, without any special intentions. 

(P.S. Some people have always been radiating their love frequency – I call them “lovebugs.”)

Step Three: Using Words of Love

The third step is to use words of love in your daily life.

Begin using words like love, happiness, enjoyment, excitement, passion, or joy.

These words all carry a similar frequency that helps attract more love into your life.

When love does come into your life, it often looks like a new friendship, a romantic relationship, or an enhancement of an existing relationship.