Fairies in the Roses

Fairies in the Roses

I was walking into a restaurant the other day, and this beautiful rose arbor, in the restaurant’s landscape, got my attention.

The picture above, is of the rose arbor I’m speaking of.

I walked over to it, and saw that the rose arbor was filled with fairies!

There were at least 100 fairies, of various colors, living in the rose arbor.

All of the fairies were about 1-inch tall, and they each had a radiance of one-color surrounding their body.

The various colors that surrounded their bodies, were not auras, but instead, were the color of their individual essence.

Their essence colors were translucent, yet still identifiable as distinct colors.

There were the shades of lavenders, pinks, golds, whites, oranges, and yellows, surrounding their bodies.

With my mind, I said, “Hello fairy friends!”, and in response, I heard a high-pitched voice say, “Hello!”.

I could sense they were busy, with their job of cleansing the rose’s energy, and I didn’t want to interrupt; so I watched for a few more moments, and then went inside the restaurant.