Harness the Power of your Intuitive Impressions

[frame]Harness the Power of your Intuitive Impressions[/frame]The average person receives many intuitive impressions every day and often dismisses them as, “random stuff in their head” or “random bodily sensations or emotions”.

Here are some pointers to help you recognize your own intuitive impressions:

  1. How Impressions Work: An intuitive impression can come to you in many ways. It can be an image or vision you see in your mind; a feeling, sensation, or thought that catches your attention, or a disembodied voice that speaks to you – like your angels or guides.


  1. Impressions usually happen quickly and they don’t linger. It’s your memory of the impression that lingers because you’re wondering if you should trust it or take action on it.


  1. The Impressions you receive are often very real information. They may be about the people that are in closest physical proximity to you at the time you receive the impression.

For example, you may receive impressions about your coworkers that sit next to you or the strangers sitting at a table across from you at a restaurant.

You can also receive impressions about people that are at a distance from you. Energetic impressions are not limited by physical time and space.

Here’s one of my most recent experiences with receiving an impression:

My friend and I were in downtown Denver sitting in a busy, people-filled outdoor location. As my friend was talking, I received an impression of my purse being stolen. I looked over at the chair where my purse was laying and wondered if I should move it.

I mentioned the impression to my friend and she relayed that at an earlier moment, she had also received the same impression about her purse being stolen as well. So, we both grabbed our purses and held them in our laps. Crisis averted!

Notice what kind of impressions you receive tomorrow. The more you pay attention to them, the easier it becomes to trust the intuitive information that you’re receiving.