Haunted Houses Decoded

Haunted Houses Decoded

Haunted houses come in many different forms and there are four main types:

·         An Active Haunting

·         A Residual Haunting

·         A Static Haunting

·         A Mixture of Any of the Above

Active Haunting

An active haunting means that physical objects are moving, faucets may be turning on by themselves, and/or the ghosts can interact with the living and the living are usually very aware of this interaction.

Residual Haunting

A residual haunting means that there are energetic imprints of past haunts.  There can be thousands of these imprints in one house.  When a sensitive person walks through these imprints in the home, it may feel like sadness, grief, pain, or anger in their own body or mind.

Residual hauntings can be confusing because you can feel or sense things in the home that you don’t like, but there’s no paranormal activity occurring.  These are often situations where you might say, “That home has weird energy.” or “I feel really sad when I go into that room.”

Static Haunting

A static haunting is when a deceased person has left active memories in the home.  Clairvoyantly, active memories look like a ghost repeating the same task or behavior over-and-over again. 

Example: You see a Victorian woman walking into a room with cup of tea, sitting down, and then staring out the window.  Then suddenly the movie repeats and you see her walking into the room again with her cup of tea.  

This is called an active memory.  The Victorian woman is not actually there in spirit, but when she was alive she created an active memory by repeating this scene over-and-over again. 

There can be many active memories in one home.  When a sensitive person stands in the location of the memory, they may suddenly have a desire to sit down and have a cup of tea.  They may feel drawn to act out the memory themselves.

Active memories can also be identified by the fact that the memory won’t speak to you or interact with you. 

Recipe for an Active Haunting

Let’s circle back to active hauntings.  There are certain ingredients that can create active paranormal activity.

In general, you need 1 ghost and then several natural conductors/amplifiers of spirit-energy. 

Here are some common ingredients that can create an active haunting:

·         1 Ghost

·         High Amounts of Electrical Energy

·         Limestone

·         Old Water Pipes

·         Land that has been inhabited for hundreds of years.

·         Trees

1 Ghost

This means the spirit of a deceased Human that's living in the location full-time.

High Amounts of Electrical Energy

Electrical energy comes from the electronics in your home.  Most modern households have high amounts of electrical energy.


Limestone is a highly conductive substance in the Earth.  It doesn’t exist everywhere, yet where it does exist you’ll usually find reports of paranormal activity because it’s a conductor for spirit-energy.

Old Water Pipes

Old water pipes are made differently than modern water pipes.  The old pipes are coated with a layer of zinc during the process of galvanization which is meant to make the pipes resistant to corrosion.

Zinc however, is a conductor for what we call “spirit-energy”.   Spirit-energy is the electromagnetic energy that spirits-without-bodies emit.  When spirit-energy comes in contact with enough zinc, the spirit-energy becomes amplified or "alive".

Land that has been Inhabited for Hundreds of Years.

When an area of land has been inhabited for hundreds of years by Humans there is a large buildup of electromagnetic energies, memory-energies, and emotional energies. This makes the land a type of “battery” for paranormal activity to run off of.


Healthy trees are excellent conductors of spirit-energy.  Tree spirits can hold spirit-energy in place for hundreds of years essentially giving ghosts a place to live.  If you ever see a ghost in a tree or near a tree, it may be because they’re using the tree’s resources to stay active in the physical world. 

Happy Haunting!