Higher Dimensional Healing on 3-2-22

Higher Dimensional Healing on 3-2-22

I’ve been working a lot lately with different groups of Star Beings who reside on the 9th dimension. 

Star beings carry a frequency similar to Angels, and I've always found them easy to communicate with.

They recently asked me to write about several upcoming healing events involving many spiritual groups from the 9th dimension.

These events are called Higher Dimensional Healing that will be coming to us once a month for a 24-hour period.  I'll post on my blog each month about the healing details for that month, and these posts will also be sent out in my newsletter.


The first Higher Dimensional Healing is on 3-2-22.  Here are the details:

A Light Infusion

On 3-2-22, our World will receive a strong infusion of several different frequencies of light.  The light will be sent to our physical bodies by the Angels of Light, who reside on the 9th dimension.

In addition to the Angels of Light, The Pleiadians, the Arcturians, and the Light Beings will also be a part of the Light Infusion.


About these Four Groups

The Angels of Light generate light for various purposes, and they often send light through Reiki Practitioners and nurses.

The Pleiadians often partner with Energy Healers and Spiritual Writers, and they often help with healing our third dimension and our etheric bodies. 

The Arcturians frequently partner with Lightworkers and Spiritual Writers, and they often help with healing our minds.

And the Light Beings, of which there are several different types, are the ones known for having radiant bodies of light.  This group of Light Beings formulates many different frequencies of light for us and the higher dimensions.  They also frequently partner with Lightworkers.


On 3-2-22, there will be three frequencies of light sent to our physical bodies as a single frequency.  We’ll be receiving the frequencies of Health, Strength, and Peace for 24-hours, from midnight to midnight.

Here are some physical sensations that you might notice during the Light Infusion:

  • Feeling more energetic
  • Feeling more aware of the physical world.
  • Feeling more aware of your physical body and its needs
  • Feeling more connected to the Earth

The Archangel Healing

On 3-2-22, the Archangels will be sending us healing for our physical health.  We'll be receiving general healing for our nervous system and respiratory system.  They'll also be applying healing for the conditions of depression, anxiety, COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

The Archangels are a group of Angels that work with us personally and globally.

Archangels frequently partner with Angel Workers, Healers, and Spiritual Teachers.

The Pleiadian Activation

On 3-2-22, the Pleiadians will be offering activations of our analyzers and our claircognizance

Our analyzers are a part of our spiritual anatomy located in our forehead chakra.  Your analyzer analyzes information that you receive as a spiritual being.

Claircognizance is the crown chakra's ability to receive and know information.

The Pleiadians are a group that often partners with Energy Healers and Spiritual Writers, and they often help with healing our third dimension and our etheric bodies. 

💜 Best Wishes and stay tuned for next month's Higher Dimensional Healing. 💜