How to be in Balance with the Universe

How to be in Balance with the Universe

There are 6 Universal tenets that are applied to all civilizations, dimensions, planets, and stars in our Universe.

These tenets have been in place for a very long time, and when applied, will bring you into balance with the Universe:

1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

On Earth, we know this as the Golden Rule, yet did you know that this is a Universal guideline that is broadcast throughout our entire Universe? How cool is that!?

2. Use your time wisely.

This tenet is a reminder to pay attention to your path.  It's easy to get distracted and take detours.  You can use this tenet as a reminder to bring yourself back to your true nature and life purpose.

3. Above all else, know yourself.

This tenet reminds us that the highest level of knowing, is knowing ourselves.  When we seek to know ourselves, many questions are answered, and many mysteries are solved.

4. Stop to help others.

On Earth, as well as throughout the Universe there are souls at all different levels of experience and awareness.  This reminds us to take time to help those who may not be at our level of experience and understanding, and to be patient with them.

5. Seek to connect with the highest level of yourself.

As spiritual beings, we have many different levels of consciousness and these levels are something that we develop over the entirety of our existence.

You can practice this connection by going into a meditative state and thinking, "I now ask my highest level of consciousness to connect with me,"

For many, this connection will be life changing.

6. Share what you can, while still taking care of yourself.

This reminds us to share with sincerity and discernment.  Oversharing can leave us in a deficit and under-sharing can lead us into gluttony. 

When you consciously apply these 6 Universal tenets, you'll naturally come into balance with the Universe -  and being in balance with the Universe moves you forward with ease.

Here are signs that you're in balance with the Universe:

  • You feel peaceful
  • You feel content
  • You feel expansive
  • You know your purpose
  • You respond instead of react
  • Growth feels good and easy
  • You feel on-track with your life
  • You understand what type of personality you have, and you like it
  • You often think about how your life purpose is helping, or could help, others