How Reading the Tarot Can Help You Grow

How Reading the Tarot Can Help You Grow

Tarot cards reflect many aspects of the human journey.

And many people use the Tarot to discover where they are in their journey.

The first part of the Tarot, known as the Major Arcana, describes major life events and experiences.

The second part of the Tarot, known as the Minor Arcana, reflects smaller day-to-day emotions and situations.

And when you put the Major and Minor Arcana together, you get a fuller picture of the spectrum of life.

When you pull cards for yourself, the cards act as a mirror, reflecting the situations and experiences in your life. 

Next, you begin to interpret the cards, and this is where you find guidance and insight flowing through your cards.

And as you allow your cards to be a vessel for greater knowledge, you may have  sudden insights, realizations, or expanded perceptions.

Here are 4 common ways that Tarot can help you grow:

  • Understanding where you are in life.
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offering you guidance and a way forward.
  • Reminding you of the important parts of your journey. 

Tarot also expands your awareness of yourself, almost immediately.

It helps you see repetitive patterns, when there is a need for change, and what type of energy you are attracting.

Every reading encourages you to look inward and to understand your feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. 

Tarot can also be fun. 

When you meet another person who studies Tarot, you and that person immediately share a common language and awareness.

In contemporary Tarot, there are hundreds of decks to choose from, collect, or work with.

Tarot culture has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past decade, and new and artistic Tarot decks are released frequently. 

And lastly, reading cards for your friends is beyond fun!  It deepens bonds, creates support, and grows the awareness of everyone involved.

My beginning Tarot course is called, “Learn to Read Tarot Cards” and it will be starting January 28th, 2021.  You can read more about this course here.

I hope you’ll join us!  😊


*The white and gold deck pictured above is the Lili White Tarot from Celia Melesville

You can view the cards in the Lili White Tarot here: