How to Be Someone’s Secret Guardian Angel for the Day

This falls into the Random Act of Kindness category. And you can do this for someone that you personally know or for someone who is a public figure.

1.  In the morning, ask God that 20 additional angels surround this person for an entire week. Ask that these angels help the person to manifest their dreams.

2.  Say at least 3 prayers for that person throughout the day. You can do this when you eat your meals and use your mealtime as a reminder. The prayers can be specific if you know what’s going on in that person’s life or they can be general prayers for increased health, motivation, abundance, and success.

3.  Take a few minutes out of your day to visualize this person looking happy, healthy, and doing what they love. When you do this, you’re radiating this message out into the universe for manifestation to occur.

4.  Only speak and think about this person in positive, optimistic ways for the entire day. This is how your angels speak and think about you all of the time.

Have fun! The person you choose will get a big boost of energy, love, and motivation from your secret Guardian Angel work.