June 2019 Energy Update

June 2019 Energy Update

Hi Friends,

    I wanted to share what I’ve been receiving about the energies for June 2019.

Each month there is a main vibration that encompasses our World.

And the main vibration for this month is peace.

I could sense this as soon as I woke and began my June 1st morning.

Everything felt lighter, softer, and easier than it did for me during the month of May.

May was vibrating at change, which feels quite different than peace. 

May was also enveloping us in the energies of transition, letting go, and finding stability.

For me, May was busy and filled with personal and professional improvements. 

I felt the need to assess many areas of my life and consider how I could improve them.

In this new month though, I can already feel that lovely vibration of peace moving through my body – it’s one of my favorite vibrations.

Peace tends to make you feel like, “Everything is going to be okay”.

Many Vibrations This Month

Each month there are also many secondary vibrations, meant to partner with the main vibration.

And under the main vibration of Peace, this June is enveloping us with these additional energies:

  • Efficiency
    • Getting things done.
  • Longevity
    • Giving long-life to you and your creations.
  • Health
    • Amplifies the good aspects of your current health.
  • Patience
    • Allowing Divine timing to move through your life.
  • Self-Love
    • Accepting your whole self.

With these energies vibrating so strongly this month, it means that it’s easier to have these experiences in daily life.

And with peace being the main focus of June, it’s a nice time to visualize the white light of peace moving through your body and mind.

You can also meditate individually on the above qualities over this month, or work with just one that has special meaning to you.

When you meditate on one of the monthly vibrations, you can greatly amplify it within yourself.