Karmic Clearing

[frame][/frame]Whenever you’re having problems with another person or a group of people karmic energy is often the influence.  This means there’s karma (unfinished business) that you share with a person and this can be cleared through psychic healing.  This karma could be from this life, past lives, or both, and it frequently cycles until you become aware of it and choose to end it.

The traditional way of clearing your karma is to let it play-out in your daily life.  The challenge is being able to recognize when you’re dealing with karma and learning how to balance yourself so that you don’t keep magnetizing it into your life.

For many, this is a big lifetime for clearing and ending karma which is why we’ve been given the spiritual tools to clear it psychically.  We no longer have to spend an entire lifetime balancing karma; we can have an awareness of it now, clear it, and move on to our next step.

So, how does a Karmic Clearing help you?

  1. It releases tension from your relationships.
  2. It brings your relationships into present time and gives you a clean slate to work from.
  3. It helps you take steps forward in your own life.
  4. It can stop a pattern or cycle from continuing.
  5. It gives you the freedom to make new choices rather than feeling pulled into repeating old ones.
  6. You regain your life-force energy that was invested in the karmic cycle.   This means that you have more energy to create your own health and happiness.

We can have karma with family members, spouses, romantic partners, coworkers, bosses, neighbors, friends, and even ourselves.  When I look at the energy in between two people, I frequently see karmic energy that’s influencing the dynamics of the relationship.

If you’re having challenges with one or several relationships in your life, drop me an email and we’ll set up a session to take a look at this.  Releasing karma can be a breath of fresh air that inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

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