Meet the Lady of Light

Meet the Lady of Light

“I am known as the Lady of Light.  I have worked with your planet for many millennia and I have returned to assist in the changes that are taking place in your world.

I am one who travels to many locations that are in need of light.

Right now, your planet is fluctuating its light.

There are also many other planets that have gone through what the Earth is currently experiencing.

I have seen this fluctuation before, and it often reveals a great struggle from within the inhabitants of the planet.

Your world, the physical world, is one of many worlds on the Earth.

The fluctuation of light is occurring most strongly in your world.  This indicates that your world is in great need of light balancing, and this is why I am assisting.

You may have known me through other energies that I have used to present myself on Earth.

The most well known is “Lady Nada”. 

I have chosen to represent my energy differently, as the Earth has changed since I was last here.

I am now using the name, “Lady of Light”, in my work with the Earth, as “Light” is my reason for returning.

In my home world, the term “Lady” is used to demonstrate a level of advancement. 

It is similar to your use of the title, “Ph.D”. 

It lets others know what my field of specialty is – light.

I do many things with light; I create with light, I generate light, I adjust light, and I release light.

That is why I was called back to the Earth – to adjust light for the planet and for your world.

Changes in Your World

Your World has been in the process of changing for the last 100 years.

Worlds do not always change, in fact some worlds are created to never change.

Your world was created to change-when-needed, and it is now needed.

You who are here at this time, are part of the change.

There are many, incarnated in your World, who have never been here before, but posses special skills-of-light, that your World has called-out for.

I work with many of these people.

Many of these people are the ones who write books on the topics of light, healing, and global changes.

I will begin to lead these people into a greater awareness of their mission and life’s work on this planet.

Let Us Discuss the Current Changes That Your World Is Undergoing

Your World is accelerating at this time and is going through many levels of change.

The ones that I am aware of are:

  • A physical rebirth
  • A light fluctuation
  • A mind awakening
  • A heart awakening
  • A body awakening

I will take a moment to briefly explain these changes.

Physical Rebirth

A physical rebirth is when all that live within a physical world are rebirthed anew.  I see this as a good and growthful change for your world.

This rebirth was set in motion many millennia ago and is just now unfolding.

Light Fluctuation

Light fluctuation is when the existing light cycles up-and-down, causing upheavals. 

Mind Awakening

A mind awakening is when all experience an awakening of their mind.  An awakening of the mind can create these experiences:

  • Upset
  • Calm
  • Confusion
  • Peace

You will know when your mind is awakening, as you will suddenly be aware of more.

Heart Awakening

A heart awakening is when your heart awakens and also becomes aware of more.

In this world, the heart is used for feeling.  So, in this context, you will feel more.

Body Awakening

A body awakening is when your physical form awakens.  This may cause experiences of wanting to change your physical form. 

These are the changes that I see unfolding in your World.

You Are an Active Participant in These Changes

It is important for you to know that your life, beliefs, energy, and light are what are making these changes occur.

If there were no inhabitants in your World, none of these changes would occur.

There are ways that you can choose to live your life, that will speed these changes for you and for all:

  • Notice the areas of life where you feel stuck. Feeling stuck indicates an absence of light in that part of your life. 
  • Choose to spend time with those who also seek light. Spending time with those who seek light, strengthens your own light.
  • Remember that you are a spiritual being. Your physical body is temporary and your time to help in this world is temporary.

If you follow these suggestions in your life, you will find that your light increases easily overtime.

When your light increases, you may have these experiences:

  • Feelings of love
  • Feelings of joy

The journey to becoming a light-filled civilization takes time.

Your life is an important part of this journey. 

The changes that you experience are connected to the changes that everyone experiences.

This is how a civilization grows.

How Nature is Changing

Nature is also experiencing many of the changes.

The rebirth of nature has already occurred.

Because of this, you may lean on nature to guide you through your own rebirth.

Spending time in nature, is what allows nature to support you.

I recommend spending time in nature-filled locations that offer sunlight and fresh air.

Nature is also developing new abilities.

These abilities are to help your World continue to grow towards light.

These are the new abilities that I see in nature:

  • Light Generation
  • Light Releasing
  • Light Healing
  • Light Transference

Light generation is the ability to generate light from within your being.

Light releasing is the ability to release and move light to another location.

Light healing is the ability to use your own light to heal others.

Light transference is the ability to transfer light into another being or object.

Nature is very aware of its new abilities and would like to share them with you.

When you are in nature, you may make this request:

“Nature, please share your light with me.”

You may feel a tingling or soft sensation in your being.

This is nature sharing its light with you.

Nature will continue to go through many additional changes.

These changes will most likely produce other new abilities in nature.

Remember to lean on nature when needed.

In my next article, I will speak about the new abilities that are forming in you.”

*Oracle card image is from the Keepers of the Light Oracle deck by Kyle Gray