Spiritual Remedies for Finding Employment

God, the angels, and your spiritual team can assist you in finding employment. Here are three spiritual steps to assist […]

A Spiritual Trick for Getting Unstuck

[frame][/frame]Over the years, I’ve noticed a spiritual trick for getting myself unstuck from really sticky situations. The situations could be […]

Helping Souls Cross Over

[frame][/frame]I was doing a reading for a client one day, when he mentioned that his older sister had recently passed.  […]

You Can Start Fresh

[frame][/frame]Welcome to 2014!  Do you feel as though you’re starting fresh this year?  You know, when we go through a […]

One Secret I Learned about the Law of Giving & Receiving

[frame][/frame]The Law of Giving states that when we give we always receive.  And this give-receive experience is part of what […]

A Way to Practice Compassion by Kuan Yin

I recently attended a channeling class where I got to experience channeling Kuan Yin.  Kuan Yin is a Chinese Goddess ...

3 Easy Ways to Celebrate & Elevate Others

I love choosing one-day out of my week to celebrate another person.  I’ll pick someone who’s either in my life […]

Karmic Clearing

[frame][/frame]Whenever you’re having problems with another person or a group of people karmic energy is often the influence.  This means […]

10 Signs That Your Home Needs a House Healing

[frame][/frame]The energies in your home have a great effect on your health, your mood, and your ability to relax and […]

Relax and Pray About It

[frame][/frame]I had dinner with a friend this week at Brio Tuscan Grille in Lone Tree, CO.  They had a small […]

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