The Pendulum and the Tree Elemental

The Pendulum and the Tree Elemental

Earlier this year I was working with a client over-the-phone.

She asked if the Angels would cleanse several pendulums that she was using for spiritual work.

One of her pendulums was made of sandalwood. 

When the Angels and I looked to see what this pendulum needed; we saw a Tree Elemental holding tightly to the sandalwood part of the pendulum.

He was about 7-inches in height and was dangling off the pendulum, trying hard not to let go.

An Angel asked him what he was doing.

He looked at us and said with conviction, “This is mine.”

One of the Angels replied, “No, that belongs to her”, and pointed to my client.

The Tree Elemental looked at the women holding the pendulum and then looked back at us.

He said, “Is this hers or mine?”

“Hers”, replied the Angel.

“Is this mine or hers?”, he asked again.

“Hers”, replied the Angel.

“So……..this is not mine???”, he said loudly with a confused look on his face.

“Yes”, the Angel calmly replied.

He continued dangling from the pendulum thinking about what to do next.

During this time, I relayed to my client the conversation between the Angels and the Elemental.

She laughed and said she would be happy to buy him his own sandalwood pendulum, if he could wait one-week for delivery.

So, the Angel relayed to the Elemental that he could have his own version of this pendulum, if he would agree to let go.

This did the trick!  He let go and dropped to the floor.

The Angels explained to me that the sandalwood pendulum emitted a strong sensation of comfort for the elemental.  And to him, it was a type of comfort that he hadn’t experienced before.

They also explained that the Tree Elemental had bonded so deeply with the wooden part of the pendulum that he couldn’t remember that it wasn’t his. 

For a time, he even thought the Angel was wrong in saying the pendulum belonged to “Her”, as he was sure it had always been his possession.

When we looked to see how the Tree Elemental came to find this pendulum, we saw that he had been living outdoors in a nearby tree.

One day, he decided to go looking for new possessions, as some Elementals like to play “Finders Keepers” with small objects.

Somehow, he found his way into my client’s home and fell deeply in love with her wooden pendulum.

At the end of our Spiritual Session, my client was amused and relayed that she was going to buy 10 wooden pendulums for any elementals that wanted them.

The next time we worked together, I found that she had already put out the new wooden pendulums, and sure enough there were 5 different tree elementals playing on them!