Watching the Angels Transmute Energy

Watching the Angels Transmute Energy

I was walking through a large park in Tampa, FL that was filled with trees, shrubs, and a forest swamp.

As I walked, I noticed tall trees and speckled sunlight coming through the trees.

I could feel my mind expanding, as I began to have an awareness of a group of Park Angels.

There were 10 of them, and they were each around 30-feet tall.

Park Angels are a type of Location Angel.

Location Angels are a large category of angels that oversee the health and wellness of locations on Earth.

Although 30-feet may sound tall, this is the normal height of Location Angels.

This particular group of Park Angels all looked identical, which is quite common, and they all had long, white-blonde hair, that reached at their waists.

They wore lavender-colored gowns as clothing and had large round eyes.  Their eyes were the largest feature on their faces.

After walking for a while, I decided to rest at a picnic table that was positioned at the edge of the forest swamp.

I gazed at the swamp and began to notice a dark-red-energy sitting on top of the water.  I looked up, and noticed the entire grounds of the park were covered in the same dark-red-energy.

I quickly refocused my mind on the Park Angels.

Once I sensed them, I mentally asked, “Angels, what is this energy?”

The Angels looked down and said, “This is anger.”

I thought to myself, “How could a beautiful park be covered in this type of energy??”

I tuned-in to get a better understanding of how this type of energy could be covering a park. 

I saw that a person had unloaded their own anger in the park to get rid of it.

This person had several lifetime’s worth of anger stored inside of them and they didn’t know how to heal it.

This person’s soul had pulled several lifetime’s worth anger out of themselves and thrown it into the park.

I could sense that the Park Angels were about to begin a clearing, so I placed my awareness on them.

They raised their hands, and a soft blue light began emanating from their palms, flowing into the dark-red-energy. 

As I watched, my body began to relax, and I let out a deep breath.  I could feel that the soft blue light was the energy of peace.

Soon, the grounds of the park were covered in a soft blue light - it looked and felt entirely peaceful.


As I thought about what had just occurred, I knew that the Park Angels had used transmutation to uplift the dark-red-energy.

Transmutation is a method of turning low-vibrating energy into high-vibrating energy, which is what the Angels had done.

Many energy healers also use transmutation in their energy work, as well as hands-on-healers.

And there are also several other ways that transmutation can occur.

It can occur during a baptism, where low vibrations within a person are suddenly changed into high vibrations.

Locations can also offer the experience of transmutation, such as sacred sites like Lourdes, France, Athens, Greece, or Mount Shasta, California.

When you visit these locations, you can experience a form of transmutation while there, which may feel like a soft, uplifting, experience.

Trees are also healers, and many trees heal through transmuting energy.

So, the next time you’re leaning against a tree, you may be receiving an upliftment through transmutation.  😊