Water Can Absorb the Energy of Discomfort

One of the metaphysical properties of water is that it can absorb discomfort in our body.

When we drink water, it can absorb inharmonious energies in our body and then we can release it out of our system.

You can also use water to help remove negative or unhealthy energy in a room:



    1. Set out a glass of water in your home, an office, a hotel room, or a hospital room.
    2. Water has consciousness so you can talk to it mentally or verbally.  Ask the water in the glass to begin absorbing the negative energy in the room.  You could even make a more detailed request, like absorbing the sadness, disharmony, toxins, guilt, etc. out of the room.
    3. Let the glass sit and absorb energy for 1-hour and then throw the water out.

    I learned this last water remedy from Gaia:

    You can use water to help clear your mind:

    Simply gaze at a body of water – it can be natural or man-made; outdoors or an indoor water fountain.  Notice the movement or non-movement of the water.  This creates a connection between you and the water.

    Continue gazing at the water and the emotional debris in your head will begin to dissolve through this gentle connection with the body of water.