What Happens Energetically on Halloween?

What Happens Energetically on Halloween?

People say that on Halloween the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner and therefore spirit communication is easier.

I’ve believe this is true. Yet it’s not because of anything that the spirits do or because of anything that the Divine does – it’s because of us.

We’ve created such a strong thought-force about this holiday that we actually cause a temporary thinning of the veil.

The veil was originally put in place to help organize the structure of dimensions, just like putting walls inside of a house. And just as you can hear more through a thin wall, you can also hear more through a thin veil.

On any other day, the average spirit has about a 60% chance of getting a message to you all on their own, yet on Halloween this goes up to 100%. And I’m speaking about spirits that have gone into the light and made their full transition.

So how does this veil issue affect earthbounds?

Well, earthbounds are spirits that have gotten stuck in the veil, the space in-between worlds.

I once moved my consciousness into the veil and it reminded me of a “no man’s land”. It was like a place of energy that wasn’t setup for living.

Because we put so much attention and energy on the veil on Halloween, some earthbounds may become more active in trying to engage with us. When so many people are focusing on the spirit world all on the same day, the earthbounds can sense our attention on them.  And this phenomenon also occurs in other countries that have holidays intended to connect with the spirit world.

Happy Halloween & Eat lots of Candy.