Why I Relocated to Tampa, FL

Why I Relocated to Tampa, FL

Happy December!

I hope 2018 has been a great year for you.  My 2018 has been busy and very healing.

Relocating to Florida

In late July, I relocated to Tampa, FL.  I choose Tampa as my new living location for many reasons: Year-round sunshine, warmth, lots of spiritual light, and Tampa is being spiritually built-out to be an “Angel Center” in the US.

When a location is built-out to be an “Angel Center” it means that these things are happening to that location:

  • An Angelic Grid is being placed around the city or location. An Angelic Grid is one that allows the Angels to more easily communicate with those living in that location. 
  • Extra Angels are assigned to the location, as managers of the light, energy, and lifeforce of the location.
  • All beings that are not “of light” are asked to leave the location
  • The energies of the location are adjusted, slowly overtime, to bring the overall vibration up.
  • All of the souls that reside in that location are vetted to ensure that they’re a good match to continue living there. This means that some people will feel encouraged to move if they’re not a good match for the new energies of that location.
  • Everyone that remains in the new Angel Center is gifted with Angelic Communication abilities to help them thrive and continue to grow

You may be wondering why we can’t make every city an Angel Center, and what I’m told is that to turn a location into a true Angel Center takes constant spiritual and energetic adjustment, updating, maintenance, and vetting to maintain the Angelic Vibration in a location.

It’s a full-time job for those in the spiritual worlds that have volunteered to do this for us.

The good news is that there are two other Angel Centers being built-out in US.  They’ll be located in Santa Monica, California and Syracuse, New York!

I’m told that spiritual construction has already started and is intended to be completed in a couple of months.

These two other locations were chosen based off the existing vibrations that they carried, that were already at an Angelic frequency. 

There are many, many other locations in the US that also carry Angelic frequencies, and they were considered as well.

There will of course be Angel Centers all over the world, and I hope to report on those as I hear of them.

You can ask your Angels to keep you updated on the progress of the new Angel Centers.

Additions to My Life Purpose

This year I also went through many adjustments to my life purpose, as did many of you as well.

An additional goal was placed on my path of spending more time channeling for the spiritual realms.

My favorite form of channeling is written channeling, which for me is a type conscious channeling.  

Conscious channeling means that I’m fully “awake” during the process, versus being in an altered or meditative state.

If you walked into my office, while I was engaged in written channeling, you would see me sitting at my desk, with my eyes open, typing on my computer, looking completely “normal”.  😊

If you follow my blog, you’ll notice the inclusion of many channeled articles from the Archangels, Personal Angels, and Ascended Spiritual Beings.

All of these spiritual beings are currently working to bring our World into a more consistent state of light – which is no small feat.

Bringing the Earth into greater light has been an ongoing mission for a very long time, and recently, great strides have been made in our favor.

Sometimes, it’s hard to notice these spiritual improvements and how they are slowly changing us and our physical World.

Here are some ways that I’ve learned to noticed them:

  • You’re able to hold a more consistently good mood
  • You sleep better at night
  • Your eating feels more balanced
  • Conversations with others feel lighter and easier

Well, that’s it for now friends.  I hope you are well and I’ll share more later.  😊