Your Spirit Has Many Functions

Your Spirit Has Many Functions

A Message from Archangel Jophiel:

“Dear Friends, I want to speak with you today about your Spirit.

Your Spirit is a special part of you.  It’s the part of you that most easily connects with God and most easily receives guidance from God.

At times, your Spirit can fall out-of-alignment with God.

This occurs when you forget to bring God into your life over a prolonged period of time.

Your Spirit also helps you grow.

Many of you are currently in a process known as ascension.

Ascension allows you to complete a lifetime of growth in the period of 1-year.

And lastly, your Spirit guides you.  It calls your attention to new opportunities and new relationships.

We Archangels, seek to help you reconnect with your own Spirit and with God regularly.

There are many, who are out-of-alignment with God and with themselves.

We hope that you’ll share this message with others and help us restore God’s presence in all lives.”