Learn About Your Energy, Lifeforce, & Light

You are a Spiritual Being in a physical body. 

You have Energy, Lifeforce, and Light.

Your Energy influences your ability to stay motivated and to “get things done”.

Your Lifeforce influences your physical ability to “get-up and go”.

And your Light influences your ability to enjoy-it-all and to grow spiritually.

At times, your levels of Energy, Lifeforce, and Light can become low, and you have to find a way to replenish yourself.

In this live-video workshop, you’ll learn more about your own Energy, Lifeforce, and Light, as well as, where it all comes from, why they can become low, and how to quickly replenish these parts of yourself.

This workshop is especially helpful for anyone dealing with fatigue, ill health, or lack-of-motivation.

It’s also a useful workshop for service providers who are helping others manage these conditions.

$20 Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 6:30pm- 8:30pm EST

Type: Live Classes

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