Soul Types Audio Class

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When you incarnate into the physical world, there are different soul types that you can incarnate as. These soul types are like an outfit that your soul wears its entire life. And the soul type that you chose helps to guide and create your personality, your interests, and your experiences in this life.

In this 35-minute audio class, I discuss the 10 soul types and the 2 new soul types that are coming online. 

You'll learn about each soul types:

  • Personality Traits
  • Illness Susceptibilities
  • Work Industries
  • Common Hobbies
  • Contributions to the planet

You'll also receive a printable Soul Types dowsing chart with instructions that you can use to identify your soul type as well as the soul types of those in your life.

Your download will be a .zip file that contains both the audio class and the printable dowsing chart.

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