Akashic Records Special

Akashic Records Special:
Your Past Life Connections With Your Family And Friends
Available Through November 1st, 2020.

It’s common for souls that have known each other in past lives to reincarnate again in this lifetime as family or friends.

In this special, the Angels and I will work with your Akashic Records, which are the records of your past lives, and create a report that helps you understand your past life connections with your family and friends.

We'll explain who you've had past lives with, the significant details of your past life relationship with them, and any unresolved karma that may be in place.

When you order your report, you'll be guided to an online form where you’ll send me the names of up to six family members and two other people in your life that you’d like me to include in your Past Life Connections Report.

You’ll receive your report via email as a 1 to 2 page PDF, within 24 hours following your scheduled appointment.

You don't need to be present with me for your report, as this is a remote spiritual service that the Angels and I complete without you being present.

Report Cost: $50

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