Aura Portraits for People & Pets


Learn what your Aura looks like and what it shares about you.

Your aura is a large field of light that surrounds your body. 

Your Aura contains many Colors, Layers, and Symbols that share:

  • Your health, personality, and expression.
  • Where you've been as a Soul (Past Lives or Other Planets)
  • And what you've achieved or learned as a Soul

Your Aura Portrait will show:

  • The 7 Layers and Colors of your Aura
  • Your "Wisdom Sprays" - These are the colors that demonstrate the areas in which you've gained Wisdom.
  • Up to 20 of your Auric Symbols that tell a story of you.
  • Your "Essence Rays" - These are beautiful waves of light that radiate from the outside of your aura and express more about who you are as Spiritual Being.

You will also receive several printed pages of my interpretation of your Aura's Colors, Sprays, and Symbols.

I'll also discuss the type of aura you have, as there are many different types.

How Does It Work?

I draw the auras of people and pets remotely, based off of a picture of the person or pet.

You can purchase this service for yourself or another.  You can also purchase this service for a baby, a child, or multiple pets.

For Pets: Animals have auras that takes less time to depict, so you can include up to 3 pets per Aura Portrait.

When scheduling your Aura Portrait, you'll be prompted to upload, or email me, a picture of the Aura Portrait recipient that has been taken within the last year.

I'll use your photo to remotely view the person or pet's Aura and draw it on heavyweight paper that's suitable for framing.

Please allow 2 weeks from the time you schedule to receive your Aura Portrait in the mail.

When your Aura Portrait is complete, I'll mail you:

  • Your Aura Portrait on heavyweight paper, 8.5" x 11"
  • Several printed pages of your aura's interpretation, explaining what your colors, layers, and symbols mean.

Cost: $250

Order Your Aura Portrait Here