Certified Spiritual Teacher's Course

Type: Live Courses

Do you enjoy teaching others and feel drawn to writing and teaching classes on Spiritual topics?

If so, you'll enjoy the benefits of learning how to bring spiritual partnership into your teaching work.

Spiritual partnership means partnering with Spiritual Beings, such as your angels, the Archangels, God, Mary, Jesus, and others, to bring your classes, and teaching, to a higher level.

In this 2-month course we'll cover:

  • How teaching spiritual classes differs from other types of teaching
  • Understanding the energy dynamics that occur in spiritual classes
  • Learn to sense the energy and vibration of a group of students
  • Learn how to identify spiritual interference in a class, and learn how to release it
  • How to write inspired spiritual classes
  • How to setup the energy for a spiritual class
  • The spiritual partners that work with spiritual teachers
  • Partnering with God for successful spiritual teaching
  • Attracting the right students
  • Knowing what you're meant to teach
  • Allowing your teaching work to be guided
  • Learning the ins-and-outs of spiritual teaching.

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