Energy Reading Course

Type: Live Courses

Course Date: February 2nd, 2019 - April 23rd, 2019

Learn to read and heal your energy and the energy of others.

Learning to read energy is a life-changing skill. It expands your awareness of yourself, your life, and of others tremendously. 

In this exciting class, you’ll learn a method of seeing and interpreting energy with your mind.

You’ll also learn the next step to this spiritual art, which is healing the energy – also done with your mind.

Throughout this course you'll practice energy reading and healing on a regular basis, and you'll also be given weekly energy-work assignments to help you become a confident energy reader.

You'll practice giving energy sessions to other students, and you'll be encouraged to work on your own energy in-between classes.

You'll learn to read and heal:

  • Auras
    • Auric Colors
    • Auric Health and Adjustment
  • Chakras
    • Chakra Health and Adjustment
    • Read and Release Stuck Feelings within the Chakras
  • Energy Body Health and Adjustment
  • Energetic Influences
    • Read and Release Programs
    • Read and Release Energy Cords
    • Learn to Ground Energy
    • Learn to Heal Problem-Energy Inbetween People
    • Learn a healing meditation to restore yourself and strengthen your ability to read energy.
  • Health
    • How a person is feeling
    • What's affecting their health energetically
    • Blocks and traumas stored in the body
    • Family energies stored in the body
  • Major Components of Life
    • Career & Work
    • Decision Making
    • Finances
    • Happiness
    • Health
    • Relationships
    • Spiritual Growth
  • Metaphysical Influences 
    • Psychic Abilities
    • Identify and release beings and entities
    • Identify and release Earthbound spirits
    • Karma
    • Spiritual Contracts

This will be a live online course and we'll meet for classes via Zoom video.

We'll meet on 3 Saturdays and one evening each week.

Course Dates:

Saturday, February 2nd, 1pm - 5pm ET
Saturday, March 2nd, 1pm - 5pm ET
Saturday, April 6th, 1pm - 5pm ET
Every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm - 8:30pm ET, from
February 5th - April 23rd 

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