Spiritual Partnership: Bring Goodness, Guidance, and Healing into your Life

Type: Live Courses

In this 3-part class, learn about the spiritual worlds, who does what, who to call on for different areas of life, and how to develop long-lasting and supportive relationships with our spiritual helpers.

You'll learn:

  • How your angels can help you
  • The Archangels and how they can uplift your life
  • How to allow God to guide you through difficult times.
  • Learn to receive spiritual healing from Jesus
  • How to work with your departed loved ones
  • Who the Ascended Masters are and what their focus is
  • Learn about the light beings that want share their healing with you
  • How to bring Spiritual Partnership into the lives of others
  • How miracles work and how to be a transmitter for miracles
  • Receive and learn about the spiritual gift called, Presence Healing.
  • Receive and learn about the spiritual gift called, Alignment Healing.

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