21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

1.  Archangel Michael: Part of Archangel Michael’s mission is to release humanity from fear and he can greatly assist you in this on a personal level.  Sit or lie down, relax your body, and ask Archangel Michael to remove all fear from your energy.  Most heavy emotions or vibrations can be traced back to fear and releasing it gives you the freedom to vibrate at your naturally high state.

2.  Watch a Comedy:  What smiling and laughter does for your vibration is remarkable.  Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was infinitely wise.  Energetically, laughter makes you feel lighter because it shifts your aura into a higher color vibration.

3.  Walking Outdoors: Take a walk outside and know that this walk will lessen whatever is bothering you.  Shake your hands, shake your feet, and just let it fall right out of you.  By the time you get home your vibration will have shifted.

4.  Spend time with People you Enjoy: A women walked into her office one day with one side of her aura bristling with spiky energy. Her overall vibration was lower than usual.  She sat down with a group of coworkers that were smiling and laughing.  Because she felt comfortable around them this caused her aura and energy to begin to shift.  Within twenty minutes her aura had smoothed-out, the sharp energy was gone, and her vibration had raised a full note.

5.  Crystals and Food: Put a quartz crystal in your lunch box to raise the vibration of your food.

6.  Working with the Fairies: Take a walk outside, call on the Fairies, and ask them to raise your vibration.  They say, “We see how your vibration changes from outdoors to indoors.  Ask us to share our wisdom on how to regenerate your energy.” When we spend most of our time indoors, it’s easy to get stuck in our energetic patterns.  Clairvoyantly, these patterns look like a swirling mass of energy.  Taking a walk outside helps these patterns to stop swirling so that we aren’t consumed by them.

7.  The Fairies explain how they can help: “First we work on your chakras.  We want to make sure they’re spinning at high enough rates.  Then we look to see what’s keeping you down.  We often see the energy of another person that’s draining your energy or attention.  We send their energy home and send you positive images of yourself.  Your reaction to those images is a raised vibration.”

8.  Dogs: Notice how dogs always seem to have their focus on you.  To them, you’re the most important person in the room.  Their companionship carries a vibration that says, “I’m your best friend, no matter what.”  This acceptance-energy helps your vibration balance and stabilize.

9.  Transforming Words: Each word we say carries its own vibration. What’s one word you use that you know has a lower vibration?  It might be a curse word or a pessimistic phrase.  Commit to replacing that word or phrase with something different.  For example, if a person frequently curses as part of their normal vocabulary and then they decide to stop, the change in vibration is so great that they’ll begin to attract different people into their life.

10.  Cosmic Energy: One of the fastest ways to clean your energy is through your visualization of it.  What energy-color do you think raises your vibration?  Imagine that color coming down from the cosmos into the top of your head and saturating your entire body from head-to-toe.  Visualize more of that color filling up your oval-shaped aura that surrounds your body.  Do this several times if desired.  Hold the intention that this color will transmute any lower vibrations in your system.  You can imagine that this colored, cosmic energy is satiny-soft or like warm steam that purifies and cleanses your energy and chakras.

11.  Take a break from people or things that lower your vibration:  Take a break from any person, group, or situation that you feel drained by.  Reexamine if they’re the right people to be in your life.  You deserve to be around people that support you.

12.  Believe in yourself: Think about someone who you admire.  Know that they got to where they are through believing in themselves.  Part of my work as a psychic is letting people know that the potential they sense in themselves is real.  Their spirits show me image after image of what they can do in this life.  Once you give yourself the gift of belief, no one can take that away.  It raises your spirit and your vibration and you’ll eventually become your own best supporter.

13.  Appreciation is one of the highest energies on the planet.  Notice that when you’re in the moment of appreciation you feel different.  You may feel more expansive, more loving, or more present.  You can go to sleep at night telling God or the Universe one thing you appreciated about your day.  This is a sweet way to nurture your vibration.

14.  Crystals: Keeping crystals around your home is an easy way to hold a higher vibration.  Crystals are a good example of how to hold a consistent vibration.  For example, the vibration of a rose quartz doesn’t shift. It maintains the same vibration day-in and day-out.  As Humans, we go up and down the vibrational scale more than any creature on the planet.  Crystals are good vibrational teachers.

15.  Exercise in ways that your body enjoys: Regular exercise lifts the vibration of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  It gives you the strength, courage, and confidence to vibrate at a frequency that works for you.

16.  Angel Treatment for a Higher Vibration: When you lay down to go to sleep at night say, “Angels, a raised vibration is what I desire.  Shift my energy so that I vibrate higher.  Teach me to hold this new vibration, let it become my energetic foundation.”  As you drift off to sleep your angels will begin to fine-tune your energy.

17.  Take a break from low-energy media: Have you ever watched a depressing movie and then felt depressed yourself?  This happens because we tend to match the vibration of what we’re watching on TV.  Take a break from media that puts you into fear, sadness, and nervousness, makes you cover your eyes, or makes you feel like you can’t get the images out of your head.

18.  Honesty raises the vibration of any conversation.

19.  Cats can help adjust your vibration:  A young girl was feeling sad one day.  The sadness-energy was sitting right in the center of her chest.  It felt heavy and consuming.  Her cat jumped onto her lap, curled up, and began purring.  The girl sat quietly, petting her cat and as she did the vibration of her cat’s purr began un-lodging the sadness-energy in her chest.  The energy began slowly traveling upward and eventually left her body through the top of her head.  A cat’s purr has the ability to shift vibrations.

20.  Steer clear of pessimists: People that consistently speak in the negative have a narrow view of life and they carry an energy that says, “Life is hard.”  When you have a conversation with them you can inadvertently match their vibration, meaning that your energy drops to meet theirs.  On the other hand, when you’re around someone that carries a pleasant view of life, your vibration can raise to meet theirs.

21.  Archangel Ariel: One of Archangel Ariel’s missions is to help people connect with their heart centers.  She says, “A healed heart center is not as hard as people think.  Some think it’s ten years away, but what if it was only ten minutes away?  Ask me to raise your heart center to the vibrational frequency that your soul is at:  Heart and soul vibrating together.”