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Archangel Healing Session

Archangel Healing Session

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Allow the Archangels to bring healing, light, and peace into your life.

When booking your Archangel Healing Session, you can request spiritual healing on up to three topics or let the Archangels choose what to focus on during your healing session.  

The Archangels will work on your energy, aura, chakras, and energy bodies to address your healing requests. They also frequently focus on uplifting your mind, soul, and spirit to help bring you back to your true self.

At the end of your session, I’ll send you an email, letting you know that your healing session is complete, along with feedback from the Archangels, about what was given attention to during your healing session.

Please note:

  • This is a remote, absentee healing session, and you don't need to be present for it. You can be doing anything while you receive your Archangel Healing Session.  
  • This is not a reading; this is healing for your energy system.  If you have questions you are seeking answers to or would like to receive Angel Messages, I recommend scheduling a Spiritual Session here.
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