3 Easy Ways to Celebrate & Elevate Others

SunflowerI love choosing one-day out of my week to celebrate another person.  I’ll pick someone who’s either in my life or a public figure that I want to send good energy to.  When we take time to elevate another person, we also elevate ourselves through the boomerang effect – that same goodwill and good energy swings back around into our own life.

Here are 3 easy ways to elevate another:

  1. Prayer.  I LOVE prayer.  When you believe in the power of prayer your prayers become more powerful. For me, it’s one of the easiest ways to change my own life or to help someone else change theirs, so when I want to elevate another I always pray for them.  I often pray that any resources, energy, and motivation, that the person needs be sent to them.
  2. Positive Thoughts.  If you’re a thinking person this will be one of your strongest ways to elevate another. This is when you create an affirmation about the person that you’re celebrating.  For example, “Susan has a wonderful new job that’s fun and satisfying.” You repeat the thought silently or out loud throughout the day.  Every time you think this with true belief, the energy of the statement goes out to Susan’s energy and soul as a gift from you.
  3. Positive Visions.  If you’re a visual person this will be one of your strongest ways to elevate another.  Here you create a vision of that person succeeding in an area where you know they’re hoping for success.  Throughout your day, you pause for a moment and hold a vision of that person succeeding, being healed, or having amazing clarity about their life.  Just like a positive thought or prayer, the energy of your vision broadcasts itself to your recipient’s energy and soul.

When you think about elevating another, who is the first person that comes to mind?  This is the person in your life that needs it the most.


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