3 Things Your Chakras Do for You

3 Things Your Chakras Do for You

Mini Chakra Lesson

Your chakras are energy centers that exist throughout your body. They spin like little wheels and have several complex functions. Your chakras are non-physical and can be seen with your mind’s eye.

Here are 3 things your chakras do for you:


They ingest and distribute lifeforce-energy throughout your energy system and this is part of their health-giving function. If a chakra is not working correctly or is in need of repair, it will generally affect our health on some level.


Your chakras are like little libraries of you. They hold vast amounts of information about who you are, what beliefs you carry, and what your experiences have been in other lifetimes. This information influences your daily life tremendously. How you respond or react to people and situations, how you live your life, and how you take care of yourself is all driven by this information.


Your chakras govern and inform many different areas of your life. This is why you frequently see charts detailing the various chakra associations. One of the more exciting parts of this is your psychic abilities. Specific chakras control the psychic senses. And when you begin cleansing and caring for these chakras your psychic abilities begin to become more real and usable.