4 Reasons Why I Love Rose Quartz

[frame]rose quartz pink[/frame]

Rose Quartz is a great crystal for sensitive people.  It’s the only crystal I can have on me or around me almost any day of my life.  Here’s why:


  1. Rose quartz emits waves of soft-pink energy that aim to relax and sooth whatever is in its radius.
  2. I will often hold a big chunk of polished rose quartz over my second chakra (my abdomen area) and I can instantly feel my second chakra relax and expand.  I’ll also use this technique when I’m feeling emotional.  I’ll hold the rose quartz to my abdomen and invite its energy into my body.  It always feels amazing and helps to sooth me.
  3. Rose quartz is the only crystal I can have in my reading room (the room where I do client readings) on a regular basis.  It’s gentle enough not to pull or distract my energy and focus.
  4. Sometimes during my client readings, the angels will make crystal recommendations to clients.  Over the years, the crystal that they’ve recommended the most is rose quartz.
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