6 Tips for Psychic Development

1. Practice Relaxing Your Body and Mind.  One thing that practiced psychics have in common is the ability to relax their mind.  You can practice this with any type of simple meditation where you sit, close your eyes, and be.  Allow your thoughts to come and go.

A psychic on TV was talking about his technique for giving readings.  He said he simply gets quiet and waits for the information he’s seeking to show up.  I like this way of explaining it.  When you have a still mind, you have a receptive mind.  This leads us into our next tip; receptivity.

  1. Allow Yourself to Receive Information.  When you ask for information you always get an answer.  The key is to be open to receiving it.  If your mind is busy thinking about what to eat for dinner and what you’ll be doing this weekend, you’re not in a receptive state.

Receptivity is like opening the door for information to flow to you.  This is why most psychics will take a moment to close their eyes, breathe, and calm their mind before they give a reading.  They’re transitioning into a different state of mind – a receptive one.


  1. As You Relax Yourself, Relax Your Expectations.  Expectations can get in the way of progress.  Throw aside any ideas of what your psychic skills “should” be like.  It’s different for everyone and your experience doesn’t have to mirror anyone else’s.

 Your spirit already knows how to do this type of work; you’re just learning how to do it in a physical body.  Being psychic is natural to all of us and you can choose to develop it at any point in your life.

  1. Trust What You Get.  People tend to discard a lot of the psychic information they receive. They think, “This must not be right” or “I already knew that”.  Go with the first impression that comes to you because it’s usually the right one.  When you try to analyze or dissect the information you received (rather than just communicating it), you’re taking the information further away from its original meaning and intent.


  2. Take Psychic Development Classes that Resonate with You.  Having a teacher can really make a difference.  I gave readings for several years before I found psychic teachers and having teachers made a difference in my skill, understanding, and confidence level.  You also get to be around supportive peers that are also learning.


  3. Hold Your Magic Close.  Practice and share your psychic journey only with those who are supportive.  Naysayers can quickly zap your confidence level.  After you have a foundation of self-confidence, then you can freely share your new insights.