6 Ways Your Angels Communicate with You

6 Ways Your Angels Communicate with You

Angels are very clever in the ways that they communicate with us. And lucky for us, they’re very persistent. 

Angels will often repeat the same message to you over-and-over until they feel that you’ve gotten it.  They will also give messages to your friends and family members in the hopes that they will convey the message to you.

Here are 6 common ways that your angels give you messages:

  1. Through songs on the radio
  2. Through nighttime dreams
  3. Through other people
  4. Through your psychic senses
  5. Through the shows you watch on TV
  6. Through reading books

Songs on the Radio

Whenever you hear the words of a song and the words seem to be directly addressing your situation or trying to encourage or uplift you, this is a “hello” from your angels.

Nighttime Dreams

Your angels can make appearances in your nighttimes dreams.  Sometimes they’ll appear as angels and most often they’ll appear as a normal looking person in your dream that you feel very drawn to.  They may be a character in your dream that helps you, rescues you, heals you, or counsels you.

Other People Delivering Angel Messages

Your angels will sometimes drop their messages into other people that are around you and are open to this.  It could be a family member, friend, waitress, or car mechanic, etc. They often do this when they need to quickly get you a message like, “Drive safe; it just started snowing.” Or someone telling you, “Remember to pray for what you need.”

They’ll also use this method of channeling messages through others to repeat messages that they feel you may be ignoring.

Your Psychic Senses

This is how the angels directly communicate with you.  If you have developed your psychic senses, then they will use this method the most.  If you haven’t developed these senses yet, they’ll use the other methods in this article as well as other signs and symbols.

Here’s an example of how the angels give you a message through your clairsentience in your heart chakra:  You’re walking around the house and you suddenly have the idea to go to the mall this weekend and buy yourself a new outfit.  For some reason this idea feels perfect, causes a jolt of excitement to go through your body, and you can’t wait until it’s time to head out to the mall. 

In this example the angels dropped an idea into you for buying yourself a new outfit and then backed-up their message with feelings of, “this idea is perfect!” and a jolt of excitement to get your attention.

TV Shows

Angels will often guide you to TV shows and movies that will answer your questions, teach you, inspire you to make change, or give you a bright, new idea.

Reading Books

Just like with TV shows your angels will guide you to meaningful books that will teach you something new, validate you, answer a question, or point you in a new direction.

Your day can be packed full of angel messages if you like.  Just let your angels know that you’re that you’re ready to receive your messages.

Here’s a little prayer to help with this topic:

Angels, please be with me now

Fill me with messages for health, happiness, and growth

Guide me in noticing these messages today

Thank you