A Spiritual Trick for Getting Unstuck

[frame]flowers_glow_200[/frame]Over the years, I’ve noticed a spiritual trick for getting myself unstuck from really sticky situations.

The situations could be personal and all about you, or it could be about your relationship to another person or group.

This trick works especially well for those situations that seem to linger for many years and you find yourself blaming another person for your condition.

Sometimes the reason we get stuck in the first place is because we’re resisting a lesson.

So, here’s the trick.  The next time you’re stuck say, “God, what am I supposed to learn from this?”  And then quiet your mind, allow your humbleness to come forward, and listen with your inner knowingness.

Once you understand the lesson that’s been playing-out behind-the-scenes, the situation will begin to make more sense.  And with this new piece of precious information, you’ll regain control, feel empowered, and begin to move forward.